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Ottica Pierre Daniel

For over twenty years, a friendly and professional reception, constantly looking for the perfect solution for your eyes.

Services Website
Client Ottica Pierre Daniel
Year 2016
Awards CSS Design Awards Special Kudos

The shop opened in 1991 in a small town near Turin. In these realities from the family atmosphere one can establish unique relationships with the client. Today Roberto, Nicolò and Giorgia carry out the activity with commitment and passion. Constantly updated on new optometric techniques, they invest in state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the best service.

Simplicity and professionalism are the two key concepts around which the client wanted me to design this site. A product that reflects the values of the activity.

Daily routine photography

The photography work carried out by Giuseppe Amorisco aims to capture moments of daily life inside the store, to convey the sense of familiarity in the relationship with the customer.

© Andrea D. Labarile
Andrea D. Labarile