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Simone Ferrari Showmaker

A creative director that works behind the stages and the cameras beside performers and productions to conceptualize, create and direct outstanding shows.

Services Website
Client Simone Ferrari
Year 2018
Awards CSS Design Awards Special Kudos
CSS Design Awards Best UI Design
CSS Design Awards Best UX Design
CSS Design Awards Best Innovation

Simone Ferrari is a Creative Director, born in Milan in the autumn of 1987. He is currently Director of Creative Department and Creative Director of Balich Worldwide Shows, a world leader in the field of live entertainment for which he has been working since 2013.

Working with such an inspired artist was a pleasure, in this project Simone pushed me to experiment as much as possible to always look for the best creative solution.

Gradient everywhere

A design built in the name of the color gradient. An accurate search for the best combination of colors was a fundamental part of the work.

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